Personal insurance

We provide you with a personalized guide to help you understand your requirements and what coverage you need in your insurance plan. You can even mix up a few life insurances to expand your coverage. Whatever you see fit to secure you and your family’s future is just a call away, get an insurance quote at Tadas Insurance Group to begin your first step in getting your family insured.

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What is personal insurance?

Personal insurance is a concept that defines more than just preparing for once anticipated death. It covers other forms of security ensuring the financial stability of your loved ones on any occasion something happens to you.

However, personal insurance doesn’t just refer to the monetary compensation your family will be getting after losing you. The insurance also covers medical healthcare payments, family security funds and other benefits that you and your family will receive in cases of emergency.

Personal insurances can also cover other plans that not just include your and your family but also the pain, injury or damage you or your family have intentionally or unintentionally inflicted upon others.

Auto insurance

Your car is one of your most valuable assets, no matter what type of vehicle it may be. You need to have it protected with insurance. Be on guard not just by following every traffic rule possible but also by preparing yourself from the unexpected. Whether it may be a minor fender-bender or major accident, you need to make sure that you get back home with your vehicle despite trouble.


That’s right. It’s an entirely different package from an automobile. We also care about the difference, and we also want to give you ways to secure your motorbike as well.

Home insurance

You will never know what can happen even when it comes to your house. Your home is an asset that isn’t easy to replace once damaged, or worse, burnt down or destroyed. No matter what it is preparing for the future is just as great of an investment as buying your own house. Tadas Brusokas Insurance Groups can help you choose a coverage plan and customize it according to your needs and preferences. Where else can you get a better deal?

Recreational insurance

Who would ever think that you may also get an insurance plan for your favorite hobbies? No matter what other assets you own like a boat or yacht, an ATV, or travel trailer, whatever it is, we also got you covered. These recreational assets also cost money, and you need to preserve them, and we can offer you that with just the right insurance package of your choice and making.

Umbrella insurance

Your current insurance package may not be enough to cover everything especially when you may end up being unwillingly culpable for damages and injuries. These can be very damaging, taxing, and life-changing. Insurance plans aren’t just to protect your assets and investments. It can also protect you.

Pet Insurance

Our pets also become precious members of our families. And many instances prove that even our pets can get sick or get into accidents too. Don’t worry! We offer fully-customized coverage on that as well.

Other types of insurance

You can find other insurance packages with us as well. All you need to do is to contact us and check out other insurance plans.

As many insurances cover most of our assets to prevent any life-changing financial crises in the future, we also try to find ways to leave a legacy that will secure the future of our beloved clients.

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